The first connected device to monitor grain temperature in farm storage

Follow from anywhere, at anytime your grain temperature and make good decisions to ensure your crop's quality

Secure your income by preserving the grain quality

Fine temperature monitoring reduces the risk of :
• insects,
• germination,
• mildew.

Reduce on-farm storage costs

With our alert notification system, efficiently manage ventilation and avoid interventions caused by storage incidents.

Automate measurements and remotely monitor your sites

From your smartphone, follow all your sites at any time. Ideal traceability tool for farmers and storage organizations.


Application & Decision support tool

Preventative and intelligent alert system, developed in partnership with Arvalis

Grain sensors

12 measure per day automtically transmit

Outdoor sensor

To optimize ventilation


Very easy to use, the Javelot devices can be installed at any time, at harvest or during storage.


I buy the material and receive my sensors.


Stick the sensor in the grain.


Locate the sensors on the app.


Monitor the temperature wherever you are.

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Designed and manufactured in France

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